Pink Silicone Replacement

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Size: Medium (3/4")
FREE Lifetime Warranty

HeyBuddy prioritizes the safety of your pet above all else. We provide complimentary replacements for tags that are lost or damaged.

Fast and Secure

No APP Required

You might be asking yourself, "Do I need an app to scan?" Absolutely not!

That's the beauty of this technology. Just use any smartphone to scan any HeyBuddy device and instantly access the pet's personalized profile.

The Future of Pet Tags.

HeyBuddy Technology

Don't depend on old-fashioned pet tags for your pet's safety. HeyBuddy is the smartest pet tag globally, equipped with over 12 built-in safety features.

Your Pet's Profile 📲

Each device comes with a fully customizable profile for your pets. Its the most in-depth and creative pet profile available. The perfect mix of fun and safety.

Real-Time Alerts 🚨

Get notified in real-time to your device. Always stay in the 'know' when your pet's HeyBuddy device is scanned or if pets in your community have gone missing.

Get the exact GPS coordinates of your pet.

Privacy First 🔒

Choose when to reveal or hide your contact details with our technology, allowing precise control over visibility. At HeyBuddy, prioritizing privacy is our top concern.

Join The Club 🐶🐱


HeyBuddy is one of the first QR code pet tags in the world.. Our community over the past four years has grown over 400,000 users worldwide.

When deciding which smart tag is right for your pet, you can trust HeyBuddy for all of your needs.

Real-Time Alerts

Get notified when your tag is scanned with shareable location!

Add The Family!

Include the contact details of all your friends and family in the tag.

Privacy First 🔒

The most intuitive privacy control panel of any SMART tag. Only show what you want to be seen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 799 reviews
Easy to setup

Nice and easy to set up. Good price also

Melissa Rappaport
Wonderful product

As a mom of a small dog who wears a harness in lieu of a collar I was worried about how to have all our contact info on him but this fit easily on the harness and is super durable. It’s so easy to set up and has all the info you would want someone to have if they found your lost loved one - contact info/address, info about any allergies, specific pet food they eat, their vet’s contact info etc. They truly thought of everything. Such s great product I highly recommend!!!

Cierra Polizzi
Very nice

Very nice affordable pretty pink and it’s easy to use

Jenifer Knollin
Ok but flimsey

The rubber holders are very flimsy. Had it for a month and 2 already broke.

Abbey Murnahan

Slide Series V2

Gubs Hayer
Improved tags

Initial tags were good but we lost them due to the poor ring attachments. They seemed to have improved them and also the tags too. Have ordered replacement tags for free (apart from postage) so really happy with customer service. The app is easy to use and set up. Highlight recommend this company and product.

Savannah Schistle

Works great just like the other one I ordered for my cat last year.

Pollak Susan
Dog gps

Wonderful product. Peace of mind

Danielle Bonanno
Love My Tag

Great peace of mind knowing if my doggo is just a QR code read away if she happens to wander off

Wallace Stevens