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Safety Features & More! - Bark Badge


Bark Badge is a unique next generation pet ID. Bark Badge allows you to tap or scan your pet's tag to access their profile with tons of information and features to help them get back home to you.

Here are some current features you can use with Bark Badge:

Lost Pet Alert:

Alert your community of Bark Badge users that your pet has gone missing. This notification will email and notify our head quarters and users within your direct community. 

Users will get the date you lost your furry friend, picture, name and other information necessary to confirm the identity of their owners.

This unique feature is like instantly putting up thousands of lost pet flyers around town. You can use this feature free of charge every so often.

Lost Pet Flyer:

When a pet is lost, time is of the matter. Instantly generate a lost pet flyer from your profile. It will include all the information that is needed to help retrieve your pet.

Do not waste time creating a flyer. Instantly generate it within our app and get printing!

Multiple Contact Information:

Standard dog tags are limited with how much information they can hold. Bark Badge allows you to add multiple numbers, emails and contact addresses for your pet. 

This allows someone who finds your pet to contact multiple people, if just incase you do not pick up. 

Report GPS Location:

If your pet is found, the guest user can report their exact GPS location and you will receive their address to get to them immediately. 

Every time your pets Bark Badge is scanned you can receive the location of the scan and keep logs of them in your scan history.


These are just some of our core features that keep our community safe. Every day we are working towards incorporating more features for our users. Our team is dedicated to keeping all of our pets SAFE. You can support the community by spreading the word and getting your friends & family their very own Bark Badge.

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