Our Lifetime Warranty

At HeyBuddy, we stand by the quality and resilience of our pet tags. That's why we provide a lifetime warranty for all HeyBuddy products purchased through our official website and partners. This guarantee ensures that regardless of the circumstances, whether your device incurs damage, gets lost, or goes missing, we'll replace it at absolutely no cost to you.

What's included:

  1. Damage: This encompasses any physical harm to the tag itself, such as scratches, cracks, or broken clips.
  2. Loss: We understand that accidents can occur. If your HeyBuddy device is lost, we'll promptly dispatch a replacement to you.

What's not covered:

  1. Shipping & handling costs: You'll need to cover the shipping expenses for the replacement tag. This includes packing and fulfillment.
  2. Normal wear and tear: Like any product, your device may show signs of wear over time. This warranty doesn't extend to cosmetic alterations resulting from regular usage.
  3. Modifications: Any alterations made to the device by the customer will nullify the warranty.

How to file a claim: To avail of your lifetime warranty, simply reach out to our customer service team. We'll request some information regarding your purchase and the issue with your device, and then swiftly handle your claim.

Please include a picture of your tag and collar with each other in the claim. This will help speed up the claim process. 

Keep in mind our customer service representatives cannot change or bend our policies.