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  • Microchip Vs Smart Tag

    Microchip Vs Smart Tag

    As pet owners, we all want to ensure the safety and well-being of our furry friends. A pet tag and a microchip are two important tools that can help achieve...
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  • Benefits of a QR code pet tag

    Benefits of a QR code pet tag

    In recent years, QR code pet tags have become a popular and innovative way to keep pets safe and protected. HeyBuddy is one such company that provides QR code pet...
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  • Future of Pet IDs (tech) - Bark Badge

    Future of Pet IDs (tech)

    Bark Badge A low cost pet ID that does MORE is what Bark Badge is. A unique product that is just a better dog tag all around. The power of...
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  • Why Bark Badge? - Bark Badge

    Why HeyBuddy?

    HeyBuddy Our badges just keep getting smarter! Every month we release NEW FREE updates to our app.  Bark Badge is the SMARTEST dog tag in the world that does not...
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  • Safety Features & More! - Bark Badge

    Safety Features & More!

    HeyBuddy Bark Badge is a unique next generation pet ID. Bark Badge allows you to tap or scan your pet's tag to access their profile with tons of information and...
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