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Future of Pet IDs (tech)

Future of Pet IDs (tech) - Bark Badge

Bark Badge

A low cost pet ID that does MORE is what Bark Badge is. A unique product that is just a better dog tag all around. The power of PWAs (progressive web apps) have allowed Bark Badge to become a real life product that thousands of pet owners use each day.

Our tags use QR & NFC capabilities. QR codes allow guests to scan your pets Bark Badge & NFC allows them to tap their device to your pets ID.

Once this is done a full preview of your pets identification will be shown with hundreds of features.

You can prove pet ownership by displaying a picture of yourself, contact information, gallery full of images & video and so much more!

If you are interested in our safety features, read our blog here.

Our tags are made of strong aluminum and military grade epoxy. They are meant to last a lifetime. If your badge wears down over the years you can simply order a new for a very low cost from your app at the click of a button.

As we continue to grow as a community and make our pets safer we will be rolling out new updates to your app directly for free. These updates will help you in the event you ever lose your furry friend. Purchase a Bark Badge for you, friends & family and help grow our network!

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