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Why HeyBuddy?

Why Bark Badge? - Bark Badge


Our badges just keep getting smarter! Every month we release NEW FREE updates to our app. 

Bark Badge is the SMARTEST dog tag in the world that does not require a subscription or battery to work.

Simply scan or tap your badge to access all of your pets information. You can display a gallery or pictures with tons of contact information, owner information, vet records and more.

But my dog is microchipped, how does this help?

Microchips are great! We definitely recommend them, however they can only be scanned with RFID scanners which vets use. Someone who finds your pet would have to take them to a vet or someone who owns a RFID scanner.

Our badges can be scanned by any smartphone post 2012. You simply scan the badge or tap your phone to it.

Our app also allows for a much more friendly user experience with more information than a microchip has.

Do Bark Badge's require a subscription or battery?

Nope! One of the many reasons Bark Badge was created because we could not stand the over-priced GPS collars that had a short three day battery life and a $30/mo subscription. Don't even get us started on the weight of those darn things!

Public & private information (data security)

You can choose what information is PUBLIC or PRIVATE for guest mode. For example hiding your gallery or contact information. Its completely up to you! Decide exactly what is shown and not shown.

All of your data is encrypted and secured safely. We are BIG on data encryption.


Did you know a common way to steal pets are to call them by the name on their dog tag? 

With Bark Badge your pets name will only be shown once the person has scanned your pets tag. 


Make your community safer with purchasing a Bark Badge and replacing your pets old dog tag.

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