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Don't rely on traditional pet tags for your pet's safety. HeyBuddy is the most fully customizable pet tag in the world with over 12+ built-in safety features.

Your Pet's Profile 📲

Each device comes with a fully customizable profile for your pets. Its the most in-depth and creative pet profile available. The perfect mix of fun and safety.

Real-Time Alerts 🚨

Get notified in real-time to your device. Always stay in the 'know' when your pet's HeyBuddy device is scanned or if pets in your community have gone missing.

Privacy First 🔒

Decide when to show your contact information and when to keep it hidden. Our technology lets you choose exactly what you want seen or hidden. HeyBuddy puts privacy first.

The Smart Option

No APP Required

You might be asking yourself, "Do I need an app to scan?" Absolutely not!

That's the beauty of this technology. Just use any smartphone to scan any HeyBuddy device and instantly access the pet's personalized profile.



HeyBuddy is one of the first QR code pet tags in the world.. Our community over the past four years has grown over 400,000 users worldwide.

When deciding which smart tag is right for your pet, you can trust HeyBuddy for all of your needs.

NEW: Custom Personalization

Custom Name Engraving

Add your pet's name directly to our Slide Series pet tags.

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Peace of Mind

We got Bomber his HeyBuddy scan tag for his collar and it is perfect! We uploaded all info including his ESA registration, vaccine records, and all our contact information. Definitely brings peace of mind to keeping our beloved pup safe!

Debi Hamilton


I love these tags! We recently adopted a very skittish little chihuahua and got the slide on rubber tag for her collar, then decided to also get the pink crown tag for her harness. Now I am feeling a little more comfortable that if she ever does slip away from us, someone can easily find/contact us!

Karen P.

East Setup

I needed to make sure he would get home if he roamed off so I got the HeyBuddy tag. It was simple to set up and it arrived when expected. All anyone has to do is scan his tag and they’ll know everything about him . There’s pic of him on the website as well. I highly recommend HeyBuddy.


Let's answer any concerns you may have! The HeyBuddy club 🎉 is waiting for you to join!

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