Bark Badge is the next generation pet ID. Using NFC (Near Field Communication) & QR codes, we have developed a pet ID that can hold 100x more information than a standard dog tag. Your information can be updated at anytime through our web app.

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No Subscription or App Required!

Any phone can scan or tap their phone to access your entire pets profile. Your Bark Badge profile can hold information like your contact details, vaccinations, medical documents, allergies and even a cool gallery of all the pictures of your pet!


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Our team uses PWAs or Progressive Web Apps to design a user-friendly mobile application that can be accessed quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is scan the QR code or tap your phone to the badge to access your pets profile. If you are not logged in you will see the 'guest' profile. The guest profile cannot be edited or changed and some information can be made 'private' like your pets medical documents.

Scan a Bark Badge with either your camera or tap with your phone to access your pets profile!

We are constantly adding new features to your Bark Badge every month to expand the safety and usefulness of your badge. This is free of course!

Note: You do not need to download any apps to access your tag. Everything is done from your web browser.

New Features

  • The 'Lost Pet' button allows you to broadcast your pets profile to your entire community. It will let them know your pet is lost and show them how to contact you and the last location your furry friend was.
  • Our system will take you and your pets information and generate a flyer instantly.
  • Last Seen feature logs every time your Bark Badge is scanned and will give you the exact coordinates and street address. Each scan will be saved forever and you can access any location your tag was scanned.

These are just a few of our recent feature updates. We are constantly taking feedback from pet owners to improve our app each month. 

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Each Bark Badge user helps keep the community safer. This is because when a neighbor loses their furry friend, they can broadcast that to Bark Badge users in the area that opt in to the community feature.